"A couple of Days ago my Xbox 360 broke down I was still under Warranty but I wanted to game that night. I brought the unit in to repair store and 30 minutes later my unit was fixed. Thanks, You Rock!"

Jim, North York.

"I was playing Call of Duty when my PS3 Just turned off by myself and it would not turn on again. I call the store the technician told me to come down, and they would repair it on the spot. I drove right down and as promised he fixed it right in front of me. I was back gaming within a couple of hours. I highly suggest you guys to anybody with a broken console."

Richard, Etobicoke.

"My kids had broken their Wii over winter break and they were driving me up the wall, I found you guys of the radio came right down. The tech took a look at it, changed some part I think he said it was the drive, and the machine was fixed, you really came through. You're the best. I will recommend you to all my friends."

Anastasia, Toronto.

"I have a rental store in Keswick and had over 10 machines in need of service I found you guys in the yellow pages in Toronto. I came in on the Sunday at 11:00 AM and by 8:00pm that night you called me to let me know all of the machines were repaired and ready for pickup. That is service"

Jim, Sutton.

"My PS3 broke down, I called Sony. They quoted me over 200 plus I had to ship it to the states. I called The Repair Store. They quoted me 100 for a laser repair and can do it in 30 minutes. I motored down that day and they replaced the laser in 20 minutes. Great service I will recommend you guys to everyone."

Gus, Markham.